Itoshima Citizen’s Festival 2022

START: Oct 1, 2022 END: Oct 2, 2022

This event is handmade by the citizens of Itoshima. There will be the “Itoshima Gourmet Grand Prix,” in which Itoshima restaurants compete to offer the best menus using vegetables, meat, and fish produced in Itoshima, and the “Itoshima Yokamon Product Exhibition” will be open to sell foodstuffs and miscellaneous goods produced in Itoshima. And in the unique stage event “Dialect Championship,” participants will speak their thoughts in Itoshima dialect and other dialects. The “Nijo Kizuna Taiko” taiko drumming group from Itoshima Kids will be performing live, and for two days, adults and children alike will be able to enjoy Itoshima in its entirety, from gourmet food to culture.

Itoshima Citizen’s Festival 2022, 糸島市民祭り2022

• 10/1 (Sat.), 10/2 (Sun.)
• 9:30~16:00
• Free entry
In front of Itoshima City Exchange Plaza Shima-kan, Shima Central Park Promenade

Published: Sep 29, 2022 / Last Updated: Sep 29, 2022

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