27th Jojima Sake Festival & Brewery Hopping – Canceled

START: Feb 15, 2020 END: Feb 16, 2020

The “27th Jojima Sake Brewery Biraki” scheduled to be held from Saturday, February 13th to Sunday, February 14th, 2021 has been canceled due to the declaration of a state of emergency.

The annual Jojima Sake Brewery Festival & Brewery Hopping will be held next year, 2022. Check back here for details.

Overview of the 26th Jojima Sake Brewery Biraki plans for 2020
The abundant waters of Chikugo River as well as the large grain rice and fragrant Hita cedar trees in the Jojima area make it an excellent place for brewing sake. Even today, many sake breweries remain active, and every year in February, the Jojima Sake Festival & Brewery Hopping event attracts approximately 110,000 people. This kurabiraki event gives visitors a great opportunity to sample each brewery’s sake including new sake available only during the event period, and amazake. The main venue will also offer sake tasting and will serve a range of local delicacies such as Jojima unagi (eel) and sweets made with sake lees. A free shuttle bus will run between the eight participating breweries and the main venue so visitors can take in the local scenery while trying some of the best sake around!

• 2/15 (Sat.), 2/16 (Sun.)
• 9:30~16:00
• 12 tickets for sake tasting (incl. sake cup): ¥700
• Main venue: Chomin no Mori
764 Jojima-machi Naratsu, Kurume City

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Official Flyer

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How to enjoy the festival

Explore Jojima’s sake breweries!

Sample some of the best sake that the breweries have to offer! Limited edition sake will also be on sale during the kurabiraki.

Peruse the many, many booths at the main venue

Sample Jojima sake at the stand-up bars or try some local delicacies from one of the many food stalls.

Jojima Sake Tasting

Jojima sake is famous for its rich, distinct flavors. Choose amongst 39 different varieties!
• Note: some varieties may sell out.
• Ticket: ¥700 (incl. 12 tickets & a sake cup)

A (one ticket per glass): Futsu-shu ~ Honjozo class
B (two tickets per glass): Junmai-shu class
C (three tickets per glass): Junmai Ginjo-shu ~ Junmai Daiginjo-shu class

Kaku-uchi (fees vary)

The kaku-uchi (standing bars) are ideal for visitors who want to sample a wide variety of sake in an informal, relaxed setting. It’s also a great place to meet and chat with other people.

Oyster x Sake Bar (Steamed oysters ¥500, Kaki Sake ¥300/cup)

Enjoy large, flavorful steamed oysters fresh from the Buzen Sea with ponzu sauce from a well-established vinegar cellar. Next, pair those with Kaki Sake, a sake brewed for this event to go well with oysters – wow!

Genki Nabe (¥400/cup)

Miso soup filled with tasty dumplings and locally sourced vegetables are on offer. A touch of Jojima sake draws out the flavor of the stock. Limited portions available.

Chikugo Sake Brewing Song

This song has been performed by successive generations of Chikugo-based sake brewers. Members of the sake brewing society join in for a powerful rendition of this well-known folk song.

Jojima Ryujin Taiko Drum Performance

Taiko drumming has a long history in various parts of the Chikugo region. Enjoy the powerful beats and thrilling performance!

Enjoy a cup of warm sake heated in bamboo.

People from all over the world are discovering Jojima Sake Festival & Brewery Hopping event.

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Participating Breweries

旭菊 (Asahikiku)
Year established: 1900
Specialty: Sake that can be perfectly paired with meals.

池亀 (Ikekame)
Year established: 1875
Specialty: Unique sake brewed using original and traditional techniques.

筑紫の誉 (Chikushinohomare)
Year established: 1897
Specialty: Rich in flavor and full-bodied, handmade sake prepared in a wooden koshiki (steaming vat).

花の露 (Hananotsuyu)
Year established: 1745
Specialty: Sake with a wonderfully smooth quality brewed with softened water.

比翼鶴 (Hiyokutsuru)
Year established: 1895
Specialty: Sake with an accented flavor. Their most popular sake is Yamakanbai Junmaishu.
*Not open to public. Sake only available at main venue.

萬年亀 (Mannengame)
Year established: 1892
Specialty: “Healthy sake” that has gained the brewery a strong following.

瑞穂錦 (Mizuhonishiki)
Year established: 1854
Specialty: Special genshu (refined sake) produced with locally-harvested rice.

杜の蔵 (Morinokura)
Year established: 1898
Specialty: Junmai sake brewed using rice harvested exclusively in Fukuoka Prefecture.

26th Jojima Sake Festival & Brewery Hopping
• 2/15 (Sat.), 2/16 (Sun.)
• 9:30~16:00
• 12 tickets for sake tasting (incl. sake cup): ¥700
• Main venue: Chomin no Mori
764 Jojima-machi Naratsu, Kurume City
Official website (Japanese)


Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station ⇄ Nishitetsu Mizuma Station
Jojima Sake Kurabiraki Kinen Kippu (commemorative tickets) will be on sale at Nishitetsu train stations. (¥100 discount for the sake tasting at the main venue for visitors who have purchased a return ticket to Mizuma Station.)
*A shuttle bus will be available from Nishitetsu Mizuma Station and JR Araki Station (9:00~17:00).

Published: Jan 24, 2020 / Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021