June Grand Kabuki at Hakataza

START: Jun 3, 2022 END: Jun 23, 2022

The Hakataza Theater will present a Grand Kabuki performance in June. The matinee program will feature performances of “Hashi Benkei (橋弁慶) ” and “The Heron Maiden (鷺娘) ”, as well as “Sushiya (すし屋)”, a famous scene from Gidayu Kyogen’s Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees (義経千本桜),  one of the three great masterpieces, performed by Kikugoro Onoe and others. The evening program includes “Sogoro the Fishmonger (魚屋宗五郎)” by Onoe Kikunosuke and “Barrier Gate (積恋雪関扉)” by Shikan Nakamura. One-act tickets (hitomimaku-ken), which allow the audience to see only one act of their favorite performance, will be available at the Hakataza ticket office from 10:00 on the day of the performance, with a limited number of seats available.

June Grand Kabuki at Hakataza, 六月博多座大歌舞伎

• 6/3 (Fri.) ~ 6/23 (Thu.)
• Matinee: 11:00~14:15 Evening: 15:30~18:50
• Tickets: ¥5,000 ~ ¥16,000 (buy tel, online)
• Hakataza Theater
2-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Published: Jun 2, 2022 / Last Updated: Jun 2, 2022

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