Mojiko Retro Hina Matsuri

START: Feb 3, 2024 END: Mar 3, 2024

Within the Moji Port Retro District, the historical essence of Japan’s past is celebrated through the display of Hina dolls from different eras. At the former Moji Customs House, visitors can admire Hina decorations dating back to the Meiji era, encapsulating the elegance of that time. Meanwhile, the Sankiro offers a glimpse into the Showa and Taisho eras with its collection of Hina dolls, each set reflecting the distinctive periods of these historical buildings. Additionally, the Sakae-machi Gintengai and other areas within the Retro District further enrich the festive atmosphere with their own displays of Hina dolls, inviting visitors to explore and appreciate the rich cultural tapestry of Moji.

Mojiko Retro Hina Matsuri, 門司港レトロひな祭り

• 2/3 (Sat.) ~ 3/3 (Sun.)
• Free entry
Sankiro (Closed: Mon.), Old Moji Customs, Sakae-machi Gintengai and more

Mojiko Retro Hina Matsuri, 門司港レトロひな祭り

Published: Feb 8, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 8, 2024

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