Yoga des Amis (Friendship Yoga) @Institut français du Japon – Kyushu

START: Sep 11, 2021 END: Sep 18, 2021

This yoga workshop in French is opened to anyone, beginner or advanced. Suppose you would like to improve your flexibility gently or simply have a moment for yourself. In that case, this morning yoga creates the relaxing atmosphere that you need to relieve contracted muscles, awaken the articulations, and finally let go.

Begin your day in French, under the sign of kindness, and join us to carry this old saying out: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”.

With Charlène,
Vinyasa (Flow), Aerial and Hatha Yoga Teacher,
Certified Yoga Alliance RYT200 (Tenjin Yoga Breeze).

After a professional experience in Paris for more than ten years, a job opportunity allowed Charlène to move to Japan, where she landed in 2018 in the city of Fukuoka. Feeling at ease in this southern city atmosphere, she finalized her Teacher Training Program in Japanese and in English at the Yoga Breeze Studio in Tenjin, Fukuoka. Wishing to share her love for yoga, she hopes to create a safe space where everyone can feel relieved and let go of the outside world for a while.

Workshop in French (on-site).
Maximum 10 participants per lesson.

Please note that you will need to
• wear appropriate and comfortable clothing
• wear a mask during the workshop
• bring your own mat, a small towel, and a bottle of water

• For the 11th of September:
• For the 18th of September:
You can also register at the front desk of the Institute.

General conditions:
• Registering for the workshop “Yoga des amis” means that you accept its general conditions. We kindly ask you to read the following attentively and to approve its content. I attest that I don’t have any medical condition that would be contraindicated.
• I will not participate if I am not feeling well.
• In case of discomfort or any other physical symptom I might have during the workshop, I agree to stop practicing immediately and inform the yoga teacher as soon as possible.
• I attest that I am entirely responsible for my belongings: the Institute cannot be held accountable for theft or loss.
• I entirely take responsibility for my physical limits.

• 9/11 (Sat.), 9/18 (Sat.) *maximum 10 participants per lesson.
• 9:00~10:00
• Participation fee: ¥1,500 per workshop *please bring your own yoga mat, towel, and drink.
• Institut français du Japon Kyushu 5F
2-12-6 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• More details and registrations:

Note: The situation regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus changes daily. Please follow local authorities’ advice by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and following other recommended guidelines. By sharing information about events and places to go, Fukuoka Now is NOT encouraging unsafe practices. Practice safe behavior for yourself and others.

Published: Sep 8, 2021 / Last Updated: Sep 8, 2021