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Explore Itoshima

The following contents are based on the printed publication “Explore Itoshima”, published by Itoshima City in March 2019 and made in cooperation with Kyushu University students. For the most part, the text and photos are the same as in the printed publication.

From its sunny beaches with pristine blue waters to its rich cultural history in the form of age-old temples and shrines, Itoshima is a destination with lots to explore.

The winding coastal roads make for spectacular sights of the sea, and are perfectly complemented by the overhanging mountains. Those with adventurous spirit will find that numerous hiking trails and watersport activities are at their disposal. Itoshima can also be considered a foodie’s dream destination since the oysters, amongst its other delicacies are renowned all over Japan. Itoshima offers the best of both worlds all year round, with its beaches, mountains, lip-smacking food and warm hospitality.

Come on, let’s explore Itoshima!


Located along the coast, cute and Instagrammable cafes and shops dot the area of Shima. You won’t run out of options to stop by for a bite, that’s for sure. And the variety of shops will pique your interest: Dover for art and handicrafts, Ka-la-ku for handmade soap, Tak Cheese Factory for dairy products and more. Don’t forget to visit the “couple rocks” at Sakurai Futamigaura or the basalt caves of Keya no Oto. Read more.


With the train line and major roads running smack down the middle of it, Maebaru is the most populous and developed area of Itoshima. Convenient access makes it ideal for those who don’t have a car, and despite urbanization, there’s still plenty of countryside charm to discover. Take a stroll down the old shopping street near Chikuzen-Maebaru Station and drop by Tana cafe + Coffee Roaster for a cup of Joe, or enjoy the ambiance and a tasty lunch inside a century-old converted home, Kozai no Mori. Also in Maebaru is Ito Sai Sai, one of the most successful farmer’s markets in all of Japan. Read more.


The area of Nijo is the furthest westward from Fukuoka City, and therefore the least developed part of Itoshima, so for you, the Itoshima explorer, it might be the most rewarding. Nijo has it all, along the sandy coastline with beautiful beaches for marine sports and also deep mountains with must-see spots like Shiraito Waterfalls. In winter there are many places to enjoy grilled oysters, and Nijo is also home to Kirara-no-yu and Mamushi-no-yu, two spas. Read more.


Himeshima, or Princess Island, is just a 16 minutes ride by boat from Kishi Port, this tiny island hosts picturesque rocky shoreline and rustic fisherman village, perfect for a calm and peaceful getaway. This lovely island is not to be missed when you visit Itoshima! Read more.

Itoshima Model Tours

Itoshima has something for everyone so go ahead and find the Itoshima for you and discover something new along the way! Use these day trip model tours to explore Itoshima from different perspectives. There are three ways to travel around Itoshima: by bus, rent-a-car or bike. Read more.

Itoshima by the Season

Itoshima offers a range of different atmosphere in its seasons. Enjoy the unique wonders of the four seasons of Itoshima with these exceedingly famed events and activities.Explore and rediscover yourself with the best seasonal experiences of Itoshima. Read more.

Published: Aug 20, 2019 / Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019