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Casime: Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Fusion in Fukuoka

Casime, a new gastropub in Fukuoka, has quickly gained popularity for its unique offerings of craft beers, natural wines, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Located at the entrance of Keyaki Street, the establishment has become a favorite spot for discerning diners since its opening in October 2022.


Upon being seated, guests can start by satisfying their thirst with a carefully selected craft beer. Casime’s original draft beers include the brewed-in-Fukuoka “Saison” (Fukuoka Craft), boasting fruity and spicy notes, and the British Red Ale (Hobo Brewery), characterized by its distinctive roasted malt aroma. At least three other draft beers, including IPAs and pale ales, are also available on tap. The quality of these selections is designed to complement the food, and an assortment of thoughtfully chosen canned beers can also be discovered in the fridge.

The wine menu focuses on natural wines, with five varieties of red, white, and orange wines available by the glass, as well as around 80 types of bottled wines, including champagne.


While Middle Eastern cuisine is a rarity in Fukuoka, Casime features staple dishes such as hummus (chickpea and white sesame paste), baba ghanoush (grilled eggplant and sesame dip), and merguez (lamb sausage).

The kofta (lamb and beef meatballs) and other meats, including Kumamoto Akaushi beef, are slow-cooked over a wood fire, creating a crispy exterior and juicy interior, accompanied by the enticing aroma of the wood.

The crackling open wood-fired grill’s aroma greets guests as they enter Casime, and the flames can be seen from almost every seat. Chef Takeda masterfully controls the fire, fueled by neatly cut Japanese white oak, and adjusts the coals to slow-cook meat, fish, and vegetables, providing a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

The menu presents a variety of intriguing choices, allowing guests to order dishes individually or combine several dishes and enjoy them with different sauces.


For example, the slightly salty strained yogurt labneh, an essential component of Middle Eastern cuisine, is served with citrus as a salad but also makes a perfect sauce for lamb meat, especially when generously dipped into the lamb and beef kofta.

Don’t miss out on the freshly baked bread and cakes made in-house every morning. Focaccia and country bread, paired with a dip made from grilled eggplant and tahini (sesame paste), create a delightful combination.

The cakes and tarts are an excellent reason to visit and pair well with an espresso made with The Ethiopian Roast, roasted by the Kurume coffee shop Coffee County.


The unique atmosphere and dishes of Casime are the result of a collaboration between an all-star team of DEAN & DELUCA Fukuoka alumni, including Chef Junya Takeda, Yuto Yano, baker Ryutaro Yamaguchi, and manager Taichi Fujiwara. This talented group is now leading Fukuoka’s culinary trends. Manager Fujiwara speaks fluent English, and the menu is available in English as well.


Menu (tax included):
Baba Ghanoush ¥480, Merguez with Hummus ¥580, Pearl Citrus and Labneh Salad ¥1,100, Lamb Kofta (1 piece) ¥1,280, Akaushi Red Zoug Sauce ¥4,200, Bread (4 slices) ¥350, Original Draft Beer ¥900/280ml, ¥1,600/520ml, Glass Wine ¥900 and up, Espresso ¥680/double, Cake ¥600 and up


Address : 1-1-5 Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : Cafe 12:00~16:00, Dinner 17:30~23:00
Close : Closed: Tuesdays (Cafe closed on Sundays & Tuesdays)
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Published: Apr 4, 2023 / Last Updated: Apr 4, 2023

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