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Italian Bakery La Spiga

With nearly 20 original focaccia and other Italian bread sandwiches, deciding what to have at La Spiga is no easy task. On this visit, we chose the ham and tomato. The simple combination of juicy ham and tomatoes on crunchy rosetta was the perfect companion to a cup of Segafredo coffee in the cozy, sunlit shop. For dessert, we had Sicilian cannoli—they don’t inject the delicious cream filling made from cream cheese, chocolate and orange peels until you place your order. The European style interior evokes the feeling of having breakfast in an Italian hotel. La Spiga has around 60 kinds of bread to choose from, including fruit danishes, fresh vegetable quiches and biscotti. The owner, Hiroko Suenaga, worked in a famous local bakery for nine years and began to wonder if she could go solo. She consulted with her boss, Adolf Sailer, and together they launched the Italian style bakery. Ms. Suenaga strives to keep customers coming back and, together with her all-female staff, she will greet you with a welcoming smile. Located near Ohori Park, you can also order sandwiches to go for a picnic.

Italian Bakery La Spiga
Address: 1-3-5 1F Ohori, Chuo-ku
Hours: 7:30~20:00
Closed: Tue.
Tel: 092-724-5810

Menu: Sandwiches (Egg & Cheese ¥280, Tuna ¥300, Ham & Tomato ¥370), Cappuccino ¥400, Soup ¥300, AM Set: ¥480 (M~F 7:30~10:00), Cannoli ¥220

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn171, Mar. 2013)

Published: Feb 28, 2013 / Last Updated: Jul 6, 2017

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