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Papa’s Puff Stand

Papa’s Puff Stand, a vegan sweets stand opening on March 25, is an example of an increasing number of unique and independent shops opening in Kego and Akasaka. Following the tremendously positive feedback for his organic donuts, which he sold online, Hiroshi Taguchi of JUSTA opened a stand next to “Natural Food Store Farm” at the Kego Nishi intersection.

Papa’s Puff Stand - stress-free themed sweets in Kego Fukuoka 福岡の警固にニューオープンするストレスフリーのスイーツ専門店パパズ パフ スタンド

His signature product, a uniquely shaped waffle made with rice flour and soy milk, is baked to order, making it sticky and crispy on the outside. They are extra yummy when eaten warm and available in a cute gift box (¥50), which looks like a pizza take-out carton. All of the baked goods made with okara and soy milk are made without milk, eggs, or wheat, and even the ice cream is guilt-free (so, guiltless?) Even the ice cream is made with soy milk, almonds, and sunflower oil, so ideal for children who cannot enjoy regular ice cream.

Papa’s Puff Stand - signature product, a waffle made with rice flour and soy milk / Papa’s Puff Standの看板商品、パパズワッフルの主原料は米粉と豆乳でヴィーガン仕様

Here are some sweets for everyone to enjoy.

Papa’s Puff Stand - owner Hiroshi Taguchi and his family, パパズ パフ スタンドのオーナー、JUSTA代表の田口浩さんとファミリー

Menu (tax included):
Papa’s Waffles ¥550, ¥350, Vegan Donuts (plain) ¥250, Vegan Donuts (currants) ¥280, Guilt-free Ice Cream ¥440, Organic Tea (hot/ice) ¥250, Apple Juice ¥250

Papa’s Puff Stand - Cute gift package for Gluten Free Waffle グルテンフリーのパパズワッフル用の可愛いギフトボックス

Papa’s Puff Stand
Address : 2-18-1 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:00~19:00
Close : Thu.
Published: Mar 24, 2022 / Last Updated: Mar 24, 2022

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