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Tenryu Ramen

Prefectural Route 68 which runs through Shime Town, just east of Fukuoka City, is called Dragon Road because it is home to several ramen shops with ryu (dragon) in the name. One of the most popular shops on this competitive strip is Tenryu Ramen, which has been in operation for nearly 50 years. The second-generation owner, Ryunosuke Mori—whose name also contains the character ryu for dragon!—makes ramen using a recipe handed down from his grandparents. Using an old-fashioned hagama pot, the pork bone broth is made using the yobimodoshi method, which means fresh pork bones are added to any soup leftover from the day before, making for a rich, umami-packed soup. The milky texture is due to the fact that the shop uses no lard or back fat, just lots of pork bones and pigs’ feet. Because of this, you can drink the soup down to the last drop.

Menu: Ramen ¥500, char siu ramen ¥700, miso ramen ¥650 wonton soup ¥650, fried rice ¥500, mentai-don (rice topped with spicy cod roe) ¥300, draft beer ¥500, highball ¥350

*Foreign language menu: None / Credit cards: Not accepted / Reservations: Not possible / No smoking

Tenryu Ramen
Address : 1-3-31 Minamizato, Shime-machi, Kasuya, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:30~20:00
Close : Thu.
Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Apr 25, 2019 / Last Updated: Oct 2, 2019

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