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Teppanyaki Mitaki

Teppanyaki Mitaki takes its name from an old inn in Hiroshima, one which used to host shogi and go tournaments back in the day. This restaurant, located in a renovated house in upscale Sakurazaka, features a counter overlooking a small garden as well as private rooms; but you’ll want a counter seat for the “teppanyaki show.” As the chefs deftly prepare locally sourced veggies and Kyushu beef on the gleaming griddle, savor the mouth-­watering aromas and the sound of sizzling beef. Why not enjoy a drink as you wait for your elegantly presented meal to be brought your way? If you want to enjoy steak the Japanese way, we suggest wasabi and soy sauce. Place a dash of the green stuff on a bite­-sized morsel of steak, dip in soy sauce and voilà: Japanese teppanyaki! And nothing ends a Japanese meal better than rice, so don’t forget to try the garlic rice—it’s prepared right on the griddle with garlic, soy sauce, and any juices remaining from your delectable meal.

Mention Fukuoka Now when making a reservation or upon arrival for a free cup of Dassai, a premium sake that’s currently grabbing the attention of famous restaurants all over the world! Offer ends Apr. 31, 2016.

Lunch: Kuroge Wagyu hamburg steak course (only 10 servings available) ¥2,300, Kuroge Wagyu course (Kyushu brand beef sirloin (80g) or tenderloin (60g) ¥5,000
Dinner: Kyushu brand Kuroge Wagyu course (Appetizer, foie­-gras chawanmushi, salad, grilled veggies, Kyushu brand beef sirloin (100g) or tenderloin (80g), sliced garlic, red miso soup, dessert) ¥6,500, Luxury course (Ise-­ebi lobster and Saga Beef sirloin (80g)) ¥15,000
Draft beer ¥800, sake (360ml) ¥1,500~, sparking wine ¥800

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn206, Feb. 2016)

Teppanyaki Mitaki
Address : 1­-6-­22 Sakurazaka, Chuo-­ku [ MAP ]
Open : 11:30~15:00 (L.O.: 14:00), 17:30~22:30 (L.O.: 21:30)
Close : Wed.
Published: Jan 28, 2016 / Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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