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Forty years ago Nita-san began selling handmade fried gyoza (cabbage and pork dumplings) in his yatai (street stall) in Hakata. To keep the gyoza sizzling hot even in the cool night air, he served them directly in the iron frying pans (tetsunabe) they were cooked in. Nita-san’s restaurant Tetsunabe still makes hand-made dumplings served in hot iron pans, but now in two locations, one in Nakasu and the larger, main shop in Gion. Locals and tourists alike pack in daily to gorge on these petite and crispy bites. Nita-san is very proud of his homemade zingy yuzu (citrus) and togarashi (red chili) paste, a delicious option to add to your dipping sauce. A serving of gyoza consists of eight pieces (¥470), but the minimum order is sixteen, perfect for two people when combined with an order of their famous chicken wings and potato salad. Enjoy your meal while browsing the autographed cards and posters from visiting celebrities that cover the walls, who hasn’t been here? Don’t miss out!

Address: 2-20 Gion-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Open: 17:00~24:30
Closed: Sun. & Hol.
Tel: 092-291-0890

Menu: Fried gyoza ¥500, potato salad ¥520, chicken wings ¥300

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn103, Jul. 2007)

Published: Jul 1, 2007 / Last Updated: Jul 10, 2017

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