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Yoshizuka Unagiya

In Japan, there is an age-old custom of eating eel when the heat hits. In Fukuoka, the locals know that if you want good eel, you have to go to Yoshizuka. Founded in 1873, Yoshizuka Unagiya first set up shop in Yoshizuka, but now calls a riverside venue in Nakasu home. It uses a time-tested technique to gently roast its eels, which are carefully selected from farms in Shizuoka, Miyazaki and Kagoshima. Although it offers a wide range of eel dishes, Yoshizuka has always prided itself most on its kabayaki, which comes perfectly coated in a mildly sweet sauce. Other popular items include the unagi donburi, roasted eel on a bowl of rice, and the una-ju, roasted eel with a box of rice on the side. A good kabayaki takes time, so we recommend you start with the umaki, a piece of eel wrapped in a fluffy dashimaki tamago (¥421) or the hone senbei (fried eel bones; ¥464). If you’d like to hold a party at Yoshizuka, the restaurant also has individual Japanese-style rooms available by reservation.

Yoshizuka Unagiya
Address: 2-8-27 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Hours: 11:00~21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Closed: Wed.
Tel: 092-271-0700

Eel donburi ¥1,598~¥2,581 (M~XL), Una-ju ¥2,581~¥3,607 (M~XL) (comes with soup), Kabayaki ¥3,704~¥4,320 (L~XL), Eel kaiseki ¥5,724 (8 dishes)~¥8,316 (13 dishes), Draft beer ¥626, Sake ¥583~, Soft drinks ¥259

Published: Jul 29, 2015 / Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017

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