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Fukuoka’s First Cafe and Chocolate Shop

Founded in 1934, Brasileiro is the oldest cafe in Fukuoka. It was originally located next to the bridge in Nakasu in an eye-catching white two-story building. The cafe doubled as a cultural hub that attracted writers from all over Kyushu, including Ashihei Hino and Taneo Harada. The original building was demolished, and the cafe has operated from its location in Tenyamachi in Hakata Ward ever since.

Brasileiro was originally opened by the state of São Paulo to promote Brazilian coffee. The cafe’s interior is decorated with old photographs and posters, making for a nostalgic atmosphere where you can relax with a classic blend coffee. Brasileiro has also developed a reputation for its delicious Western-style menu, and the rugby ball-shaped minced cutlet, which is only available here, is especially popular. 

One treat that goes great with coffee is chocolate, and the city’s first chocolatier, Chocolate Shop, opened in Tenyamachi (not far from where Brasileiro now stands) in 1942. The main shop is now located in nearby Tsunabamachi, and the company boasts several shops throughout the city as well as a chocolate boutique in Paris.

Founder Gensaku Sano first encountered chocolate truffles while training as a chef at a hotel in Tokyo. He was so taken aback by how delicious they were, that he decided to become a chocolatier. Despite the chaos of the postwar era, he remained dedicated to the craft, and Chocolate Shop became renowned throughout Japan. The shop is now run by Gensaku’s son who continues to create a wide range of popular chocolates and sweets.

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Published: Oct 27, 2020 / Last Updated: Oct 27, 2020

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