Gaikokujin Star Tanjo 2011

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A night of entertainment! Fukuoka Now’s second annual foreign talent contest, Gaikokujin Star Tanjo, was held on Nov. 22 at JR Kyushu Hall. 767 guests enjoyed conversation, food, drinks and a million-dollar view of the city below.

Entertainment included Japanese guitarist “Jo”, Das Funkt (DJ) and the sexy Chat Voleur Dancers, as well as the main event itself! 8 talented acts from around the world (ALT48, Anna Mihejeva, Bouzid Hamed, Daniel Byron, Kelly Harlock, Leah Olsen, Mari Somerville, Peter Bertrand) gave it their all- performing before a panel of five judges. French beat-boxer Hamed took the title and first prize of ¥100,000, with second place awarded to American singer, Leah Olsen. By midnight, the stage had turned into free-for-all dance floor, as guests made the most of a very memorable night. For more info: and

Here’s a short digest video from the evening…

And the full length video report…

Stay tuned for the next Fukuoka Now event- the annual Now Lounge Valentine’s Party, on Friday Feb. 10 2012 at Hotel With the Style.



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