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Getting Ready for a New Waterfront

At the northern end of Fukuoka City lies Hakata Port, the city’s ocean gateway. Every year, two million visitors pass through the port, making it Japan’s busiest passenger port for 21 years in a row! It is also the largest international container terminal in Kyushu by volume of freight handled. In more recent years, large cruise liners have started stopping at Hakata, and when they do, the city bustles with Asian tourists.

Last year, cruise ships made 99 port calls to Hakata Port, the most in Japan, and the number of cruise ship passengers reached a record high of 420,000. This year, the port expects to welcome 200 cruise ships, or more than double last year’s record number. Until now, immigration processing at the port took a great deal of time, but with the opening of a new cruise ship terminal this year, up to 3,800 passengers can be processed in one go, making the port an even more attractive destination for large cruise liners.

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However, there are not enough berths for large cruise ships, and the container terminal is getting increasingly busy as more and more ships continue to dock there. For this reason, City Hall has begun redeveloping the entire Waterfront district, including Chuo and Hakata Wharves. Work on a new convention center to the south of Marine Messe will be completed in five years, and new transportation and shopping facilities are also scheduled to open.

Despite its proximity to the city center, the Waterfront is not a very popular destination among city residents, but many of the world’s best cities have attractive waterfront districts. With the help of the private sector, Fukuoka hopes to turn its Waterfront into an enjoyable destination for both foreign visitors and local residents alike.

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Published: May 27, 2015 / Last Updated: May 30, 2019

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