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Heeki Park

Heeki Park

Born in Hiroshima, raised in Seoul and educated in California, Heeki is a very multi-cultural and international woman. When she was a university student in Los Angeles, she worked part-time at a famous Japanese restaurant, frequented by Hollywood stars. She often heard the celebrity customers discuss yoga – if it was all the rage with the fashionable people, she wanted to try it too! After just one course, Heeki was hooked. Since then she has studied and earned certificates under teachers in Japan, the United States and India. She recently opened up “Yoga Breeze”, a brand-new and gorgeous yoga studio in Yakuin. For stretching in Japanese, English or Korean – look no further! Tel: 521-7221

Hometown: Korean, born in Hiroshima
In Japan: Half of her life
Identity: Yoga Instructor

Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn101, May. 2007)

Fukuoka City
Published: May 1, 2007 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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