Itoshima’s Oyster Huts

Nothing fresher, nothing tastier!
Doug slides a raw one down – fresh from the sea!

In the summer, people come to Itoshima for its sandy beaches and warm waters, but now it’s winter, and everyone’s here for the oyster huts! It’s a DIY barbeque featuring oysters, other seafood, and local veggies. And at about ¥1,000/kg of oysters, it’s a bargain too! Use Fukuoka Now’s guide to Itoshima’s 26 oyster huts and have a ball!

Oysters grow on ropes suspended below rafts in the bay of Kishi Port.

Shinichiro Ueno is the owner of the Toyohisamaru Oyster Hut in Kishi Port. He’s a second-generation fisherman, and in 2000 his family began growing oysters, and they opened Toyohisamaru the following year. Ueno took us by boat out to his oyster rafts to see how they are grown and harvested. We got to eat some too!

Ueno pulling up oysters from his rafts

While many producers begin with pre-seeded calm shells sourced from outside Itoshima, Ueno begins the 12-month process from scratch in Itoshima’s clean and mineral-rich waters. His brand “Milk Gaki” is true to its name – milky rich and creamy! Try them at Toyohisamaru.

Toyohisamaru (Kishi Port)
• Period: 10/24 (Sat.) ~ end of Mar. (approx.)
• Time: 10:00~17:00 (last in 16:00 or until sold out)
• Map:
• Closed: 12/31, 1/1
• Capacity: 160 people (20 tables)
• Capacity for 2020-21 season: (with social distancing): 92 people (approx. 20 tables)
• Reservations: Weekdays and Sat. accepted (Sun. & hol.: negotiable )
• What you can bring: Rice, drinks (items brought in cannot be grilled on the hibachi)
• Credit cards: Accepted
• Foreign language menu: English, Chinese, Korean
• Tel.: 090-1975-2915
• Side menu (tax excl.): Flavored oysters ¥600, saikyo miso-grilled boarfish ¥980, supersized fried oysters (3 pcs.) ¥780, Mirukugaki ajillo (incl. baguette) ¥880, maguro steak ¥780, Itoshima Homemade Ham sausage ¥350, all-you-can-drink: alcohol ¥1,000~, soft drink ¥350 *charcoal charge ¥300

★Fukuoka Now Special★
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Nathalie, Doug, Ezgi, and crew ready to eat!

Oysters and other seafood are grilled above charcoal.

Try with a squeeze of fresh lemon!

Grilling oysters is fun, but watch out, sometimes they go pop!

Toyohisamaru (Kishi Port)
Address : 778 Shima-kishi, Itoshima City, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 10:00~17:00 (last in 16:00 or until sold out)
Close : 12/31, 1/1
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Published: Oct 25, 2020 / Last Updated: Oct 29, 2020

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