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Autos Account for 40% of Kyushu Exports to U.S.

Moji Customs conducted a survey for 2007 that shows exports to the U.S. rose 1.6% from the previous year to 1.975 trillion yen, while imports climbed 18.5% to 437.8 billion yen. The U.S. receives the third-highest amount of Kyushu exports at 13.6%, following China’s 19.3% and South Korea’s 15.1%. The primary product exported to the U.S. is automobiles, which account for 43.3% of all Kyushu exports to that country by value. In second place are digital cameras and other electric equipment, which account for 21.4%.

Published: Nov 14, 2008 / Last Updated: Nov 14, 2008

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