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Blue Bottle Coffee’s Kyushu Debut

Gaining a foothold in Fukuoka through its popular pop-up store, Blue Bottle Coffee is now poised to make its much-anticipated Kyushu debut. Originating in Oakland, USA — a sister city to Fukuoka — in 2002, the brand marked its initial foray into Japan with its 2015 opening in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo. Today, Blue Bottle boasts a presence across the globe with over 100 cafes in key locations like the United States, Japan, South Korea, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

In a celebration of local talent, the Fukuoka Tenjin Cafe’s space is crafted by the Fukuoka-based design studio CASE-REAL. Further accentuating the local connection, the cafe features ceramic plates and cups by ONE KILN, a renowned pottery brand from Kagoshima. Adding a unique artistic touch, the cafe will temporarily showcase original artworks by KYNE, a Fukuoka-based artist, adorned in the signature Blue Bottle colors, blending international coffee culture with a distinct local aesthetic.

Blue Bottle Coffee Fukuoka Tenjin Cafe
Inside Kego Shrine, 2-2-20 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Seating capacity: 73 indoor, 18 outdoor

Source: Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee's Kyushu Debut

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Published: Dec 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Dec 8, 2023

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