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New Onsite Car Wash Service With Subscription and Online Booking

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have your car washed while you are at work? A new car wash service is opening this month in Fukuoka City. Mr. Takuya Ikematsu, who launched the new service, is a car-lover but found himself driving a dirty car because he lacked time to wash it or take it to a car wash. Realizing others might be in the same boat, he started CALUXE.

With the CALUXE system, you can reserve and pay online and never any lineups! And if you have a place where he can wash the car, you don’t need to pass over the keys for an exterior only cleaning. Rates vary by the size and make of the vehicle and the service usually takes just 90 minutes for a large-size car ( such as Harrier, Noah, Serena, Step WGN, Odyssey): ¥6,500 for once a month, ¥11,000 for twice a month (tax excluded). Currently, he has a 50% off promotion for first-time users! More details on the web: https://carwash-caluxe.com/

Fukuoka City
Published: Feb 1, 2021 / Last Updated: Feb 1, 2021