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Chimp-tastic! Kinko Joins Fukuoka City Zoo

On the afternoon of the 14th, a female chimpanzee named “Kinko” arrived at the Fukuoka City Zoo’s chimpanzee enclosure. Born in Egypt, Kinko is estimated to be 33 years old. She was previously housed with a male chimpanzee at the Tokuyama Zoo in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, but had been living alone since the male passed away four years ago. In order to provide an environment more suited to chimpanzees, which naturally live in groups, Kinko was relocated to the Fukuoka City Zoo, which already houses two female chimpanzees. The zoo plans to monitor Kinko’s health and adaptation to the new environment before deciding on a date for public viewing. Source: Fukuoka City Zoo / RKB

Chimp-tastic! Kinko Joins Fukuoka City Zoo

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Published: Mar 15, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 15, 2023

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