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Croquantchou Zakuzaku set to open in Fukuoka

Bake Inc. announced that the first Croquantchou Zakuzaku store in western Japan will open in Tenjin Chikagai. The new branch, located in shop no. 102, East 7 of the underground shopping area, will open its doors for business on March 8. The company’s unique cream puffs feature a pastry that has a crispy almond crunch and custard cream made from Hokkaido milk (single serving ¥250, set of four ¥980). The stick-shaped treats are perfect to eat on the go! The snack has already proven hugely popular, with the company selling approximately 2 million every year. Soft cream topped with Zakuzaku’s crunchy pastry (¥450) will also be available inside the store.

Published: Feb 8, 2018 / Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018

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