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Dazaifu May Consider Voting Rights For Foreigners

Sources have revealed that the Dazaifu City Basic Autonomy Ordinance Discussion Council is considering including voting rights for foreigners in local referendums in the Basic Autonomy Ordinance. Basic autonomy ordinances stipulate the basic rules for self-government by citizens, and many municipalities around Japan have enacted similar pieces of legislation; however, some believe these laws can violate the Constitution and the Local Government Act if they are defined as superior to other ordinances. Dazaifu’s 12-member Discussion Council is composed of local voters and other citizens and is chaired by Kyushu University associate professor Akifumi Shimada. According to sources, at least one member has raised the issue of granting voting rights to foreigners. The Council hopes to submit its full report to the Mayor in 2014, after which City Hall will submit a draft ordinance to the City Assembly for deliberation. Dazaifu’s next mayoral race is set for next April, so there is a chance the issue of foreigners’ voting rights could become a point of contention. Source: Sankei Newspaper 4/23


Published: Apr 29, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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