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Flower Cars for Hakata Dontaku 2016

The Hakata Dontaku Flower Cars are back! The six “Flower Cars” are vehicles decorated with flowers or motifs from fairytales, anime or popular culture. These cars are a Dontaku tradition, bringing Dontaku spirit to Fukuoka with their music, bright colors, and -at night- bright lights. The cars drive on predetermined courses around the city in two teams; and they will be joined by two Fukuoka Open Top Buses. The cars will be on the move on May 2 (Mon.) between 16:20 and 21:10, on May 3 (Tue., Hol.) between 10:22 and 21:10, and on May 4 (Wed., Hol.) between 10:17 and 20:35. On May 5 (Thu., Hol.), the cars will be on display all day at Kashiikaen Sylvania Garden (Higashi-ku). You can check the locations of the Flower Cars using this site, which features the cars’ current locations and the running schedule (including delay information). On Apr. 29 (Fri., Hol.), the six cars will have their first outing at the SoftBank Hawks vs. Seibu Lions game; they will drive onto the field after the game. For the Flower Car routes, see below. Source: Nishitetsu press release, 4/8

car designs

car route

Published: Apr 18, 2016 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017