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Fukuoka City Bulletin December 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

A Message from Mayor Takashima
In the Startup Cafe, which opened last October, people are making new connections, and several new businesses have been started. The private sector has stepped up efforts as well, with the establishment of new shared office spaces and venture capital funds, and for the second year in a row, Fukuoka’s business startup rate ranked first among Japan’s designated cities. I believe these activities can rejuvenate the local economy, and I aim to turn Fukuoka into a global city by making use of relaxed regulations while encouraging interaction among new and existing companies.

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Startup Visa for Foreign Entrepreneurs
The Startup Visa that Fukuoka City proposed to the national government has been approved. Foreign businesspersons who want to set up shop in Japan have to satisfy a strict set of conditions, but with this new visa, as long as they have passed the Immigration Bureau’s screening and the City’s business plan check, they will be given six months to meet the conditions. In short, it will be easier for foreigners to open a business in Fukuoka than anywhere else in Japan. During the grace period, the City will provide support at its Startup Cafe. Inquiries: Business Startup & University Collaboration Section (092-711-4455)

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Won’t You Give a Pet a Home?
The Eastern Fukuoka Animal Welfare & Management Center (5-10-1 Kamata, Higashi-ku; 092-691-0131; Weekdays: 8:30~17:00) has dogs and cats available for adoption. Interested persons can apply on weekdays or on Sunday, December 13 (reservations are required). To make sure the dogs and cats in the shelter can find a happy home, we check to see how prospective owners get along with the animals and have them attend a lecture at the time of adoption. Please contact the Center for details.

Winter Museum of Secrets
Winter Museum is a collaborative event held by the Fukuoka Art Museum, the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, and the Fukuoka City Museum. This year’s theme is “Secrets.” Be sure to stop by and enjoy the specially curated displays at each museum. Fukuoka Art Museum: “Hidden Secrets” 1/19~2/28; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum: “Glimpsing Secrets” 12/17~4/5; Fukuoka City Museum: “Secrets Revealed” 12/8~2/14.

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Stop Illegal Dumping: Watch Out for Free Junk Collectors
Illegal dumping spoils landscapes and harms the environment. If you see someone illegally dumping trash or if you find illegally dumped items, please contact the nearest police station or the Industrial Waste Advisory Section of the Environmental Bureau (092-711-4303). Please note that most of the vendors touting free pickup of your junk, do not properly discard what they pickup. Please recycle or properly dispose of your unwanted items, even if it may cost some money.

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Help Us Make Weekdays Car-Free
To help reduce CO2 emissions, Fukuoka City has designated weekdays as car-free days. You are kindly asked to use your personal vehicle only when needed or in an emergency. Instead, please use public transportation, ride your bicycle or walk.

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Fukuoka City Bulletin
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Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn204, Dec. 2015)

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Published: Nov 27, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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