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Fukuoka City Subway Debuts Contactless Flat-Rate Fare with Credit Cards

Starting July 7, the Fukuoka City Subway is introducing a service that allows passengers to ride on all subway lines for a daily flat rate of 640 yen, provided they use contactless credit card payments. According to the city, this is the first initiative of its kind in railway services across Japan. The goal is to encourage the use of contactless payment methods and attract non-regular subway users and inbound tourists. The service, which is being tested until March 31, 2024, will cap the amount charged to the same card used for contactless payment at 640 yen per day, without the need for any prior procedures. This maximum fee matches the price of the “one-day pass” already available. With the World Aquatics Championships set to begin in Fukuoka City on July 14, an increase in inbound tourists is expected. At a press conference on June 30, Mayor Soichiro Takashima noted that the contactless payment system would be more economical for occasional subway users and tourists. Source: Nikkei / Fukuoka City Subway

Fukuoka City Subway Debuts Contactless Flat-Rate Fare with Credit Cards

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Published: Jul 4, 2023 / Last Updated: Jul 4, 2023

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