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Fukuoka Flourishes: 19 Firms Wooed in Three Years

In an effort to transform Fukuoka City into an international financial hub, the industry-academia-government organization “TEAM FUKUOKA” has been actively attracting businesses. The latest meeting of the group reported the successful entrance of five more companies into the Fukuoka market, including a life insurance company from the Netherlands.

TEAM FUKUOKA’s mission is to develop Fukuoka into a globally recognized financial center by persuading foreign businesses to set up shop in the city. During the meeting held on June 5, Sumio Kuratomi, the President of Kyushu Economic Federation, stated that TEAM FUKUOKA has entered its third year and has reached a new phase, expressing hope for the continued growth of Kyushu and Fukuoka.

Among the new entrants to the Fukuoka market are NN Life Insurance from the Netherlands and VMO Japan, a Vietnamese IT company committed to improving corporate productivity through digital transformation. Since the establishment of TEAM FUKUOKA three years ago, a total of 19 companies have been successfully persuaded to join the Fukuoka market. Source: NHK

Fukuoka Flourishes: 19 Firms Wooed in Three Years

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Published: Jun 6, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 6, 2023

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