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Fukuoka Prefecture to Begin One Month State of Emergency

As the national government announced its intention to begin a month-long state of emergency (from this Wednesday) in seven prefectures, including Fukuoka, the governor of Fukuoka, Hiroshi Ogawa held a press conference on the evening of April 6. Pointing out the increasing number of suspected clusters in the prefecture as well as individual infections of unknown origins, the governor mentioned the likelihood of using legal powers to implement necessary countermeasures. He said steps would be taken to avoid undesirable situations such as panic buying of daily commodities. The prefecture saw 14 more confirmed infections of COVID-19 on April 6, bringing the total to 176. Editor’s Note: Details of Fukuoka Prefecture’s implementation of the one month state of emergency have not been announced. We will post a summary of them in English here when possible. Source: NHK & Asahi

Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Apr 7, 2020 / Last Updated: Apr 8, 2020