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Fukuoka Prefecture to Register and Introduce SDG Compliant Companies

Fukuoka Prefecture has launched a program to register and introduce companies and organizations in the prefecture that are actively working toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, including climate change countermeasures. The SDGs are international goals adopted by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030. The SDGs include 17 goals, such as gender equality and climate change countermeasures. According to Fukuoka Prefecture, companies and organizations with offices or other facilities in the prefecture are eligible to register, and applications will be accepted on the prefectural website from the end of October. To be registered, companies must have implemented or plan to implement specific measures to achieve the SDGs, such as saving electricity in their offices and creating an environment that facilitates childcare leave. Once registered, their efforts will be introduced on the prefectural government’s website, and they can use the logo mark and take advantage of the prefectural government’s loan program. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture / NHK

Fukuoka Prefecture to Register and Introduce SDG Compliant Companies

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Nov 18, 2022 / Last Updated: Nov 18, 2022

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