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Fukuoka Prefecture’s 2022 Budget Announced

Fukuoka Prefecture drafted its budget for the fiscal year of 2022. The record largest budget of over ¥2 trillion aims to support different sectors with themes of overcoming the new coronavirus crisis, putting more effort towards global and future-oriented visions, and providing a safe and secure living environment for everyone. A total of ¥408 billion was appropriated for anti-coronavirus programs, including ¥65 billion for securing hospital beds and other accommodation facilities.

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Important new projects etc.

COVID-19 related measurements
medical preparedness
• Secure hospital beds and accommodation facilities (¥65 billion)
• Promote vaccination
• Reinforce function of prefectural healthcare centers

• Support anti-infection measures at nurseries and other welfare facilities (¥1.4 billion)
• Boost financing program for SMEs

economic recover
• Conduct sightseeing discount campaigns (¥321 billion)
• Issue premium coupons

Welfare and labor programs
• Establish support center for children under medical care (¥20 million)
• Conduct third-party evaluation on the function of the child consultation center (‘jido Soudan-jo’)
• Support healthy living of those who grew up at group homes etc. without parents
• Open career consultation center for 50 years old and above
• Create job opportunities for shut-in (‘hikikomori’) individuals and those with incurable diseases

Economy and regional promotion
• Create bases for semiconductor production (¥300 million)
• Subsidize promotion of electrification in the car industry
• Aid international financial businesses to open Fukuoka base
• Promote export of Yamecha tea and mikan citrus to the U.S.
• Promote construction of wooden buildings
• Encourage relocation to Fukuoka through online gaming

Education and human resource development
• Deploy one computer per student at prefectural and private schools (¥4.1 billion)
• Develop a model program of experience-and-learn English education program
• Provide students opportunities to experience overseas jobs
• Collaborate with famous artists to create learning opportunities for local young talents
• Establish Fukuoka Junior Orchestra Academy

Environment and disaster management
• Subsidize energy-saving initiatives for SMEs (¥105 million)
• Run trial of using reusable plastic clothes covers at dry cleaners
• Create plans for the prefecture’s new health and environment research center
• Launch One health recognition program for agricultural, forestry, and fishery products
• Develop disaster-prevention smartphone application

Source: Fukuoka Prefecture / RKB / Sankei

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Published: Feb 16, 2022 / Last Updated: Feb 16, 2022

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