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Fukuoka’s Hachibei Joins Forces with Eternal Hospitality for International Growth

Eternal Hospitality Group has entered into strategic collaborations with two prominent yakitori restaurant operators in Fukuoka and Osaka, reinforcing its commitment to global expansion. This development follows the company’s recent rebranding from Torikizoku Holdings, aimed at boosting its international outreach.

The partnerships are set with Hachibei Crew from Itoshima, Fukuoka, which operates 13 outlets, including international locations such as Hawaii and the Philippines, and AO, which runs a Michelin-starred establishment in Yao, Osaka. Hachibei Crew, renowned for its authentic Hakata-style yakitori at mid-range prices, will soon see an investment and capital partnership from Eternal. Plans are underway to further expand the “Yakitori no Hachibei” brand both in Japan and abroad, enhancing recruitment efforts as well.

On the other hand, AO has consistently earned a Michelin star for the past six years and manages the upscale “Yakitori Ichimatsu,” where customers spend an average of JPY 15,000. Together, Eternal and AO are developing a premium yakitori restaurant model aimed at overseas markets, initially targeting Asia with aspirations for North America and Europe.

These strategic moves will allow Eternal, known for its economically priced “Torikizoku” brand, to tailor its offerings to meet diverse international tastes and preferences.

At a press conference, the company highlighted its goal to scale its international operations beyond domestic sales, aspiring to globalize Japan’s revered yakitori culture through strategic partnerships. Source: Eternal Hospitality Group

Fukuoka's Hachibei Joins Forces with Eternal Hospitality for International Growth

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: May 17, 2024 / Last Updated: May 17, 2024

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