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Huis Ten Bosch Prepares Casino Bid With Hectares Land Agreement

Huis Ten Bosch (HTB), Nagasaki Prefecture and Sasebo City announced at a press conference on Apr. 8 the acquirement of a 30-hectare plot of land in preparation for their bid to build a casino complex. While the required size for a candidate casino site by the government turned out to be much larger than first expected, the three organizations coordinated to create a site consisting of Harbor Town (a southeastern zone) inside HTB and a neighboring area outside the park. Part of the park will be sold in case the bid for the casino succeeds. HTB does not intend on operating the casino by itself. An official contract for the land will be made by the end of the year. Source: NHK News Web, 4/9/2019

Photo: JKT-c

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Published: Apr 9, 2019 / Last Updated: Apr 9, 2019

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