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Iriomote Island, a World Heritage Site, to Limit the Number of Tourists

Taketomi Town in Okinawa Prefecture will begin limiting the number of tourists per day in some areas of Iriomote Island, a World Natural Heritage site, in accordance with the Ecotourism Promotion Law. After a period of public awareness, the new restrictions will be applied in one year’s time. The island and the surrounding sea area were classified into three zones: (1) a nature experience zone with certain restrictions, (2) a general use zone where tourism is allowed, and (3) a protection zone where tourism is not allowed in principle. Depending on the area, the maximum number of visitors per day ranges from 30 to 200. The law also contains penalties, and violators can be fined. Source: Nikkei

Iriomote Island, a World Heritage Site, to Limit the Number of TouristsPhoto from Anagounagi

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Travel & Tourism
Okinawa Prefecture
Published: Dec 14, 2022 / Last Updated: Dec 14, 2022

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