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JAL Route Adjustments Impact Kyushu

Japan Airlines announced planned changes to its international and domestic routes, and several of those changes will have an effect on Kyushu. JAL will eliminate its Fukuoka-Shanghai route on October 26. Domestically, it will eliminate the Kagoshima-Kobe route, on which they are operating two round trips daily, on February 1. They also will stop flying between Fukuoka and the Chubu airport on March 29. Meanwhile, on November 1, the airline will reduce the number of its Fukuoka-Kansai round trips from four to three, and its Kumamoto-Nagoya round trips from two to one. In contrast, they will add round trip flights to their existing Miyazaki-Haneda route and their Fukuoka-Narita route.

Published: Aug 14, 2008 / Last Updated: Aug 14, 2008

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