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JR Kyushu Launches “Kanpachi-Ichiroku” Train for Scenic Hakata-Beppu Route

JR Kyushu will launch its new sightseeing train, the “Kanpachi-Ichiroku,” on April 26, offering a lavish travel experience between Hakata Station and Beppu Station in Oita Prefecture. The train’s design features luxurious interiors themed around local landscapes, with the first carriage inspired by Oita’s hot springs and volcanic scenery, and the third carriage reflecting the greens and blues of Fukuoka’s Kurume area. Passengers can enjoy local gourmet bento boxes featuring seasonal ingredients from Fukuoka and Oita, served alongside spectacular views from the train’s windows. The train also includes a lounge with a counter made from a 250-year-old cedar, where travelers can sample local beverages. Priced from 18,000 yen for adults, including a meal, this train journey promises a unique and immersive travel experience. Source: Kanpachi-Ichiroku / TNC

JR Kyushu Launches "Kanpachi-Ichiroku" Train for Scenic Hakata-Beppu Route

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Published: Apr 25, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 25, 2024

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