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Kitakyushu Unveils New Detention Center

On October 3rd, the media was granted a tour of the newly reconstructed detention facility located in Kokura Kita Ward, Kitakyushu City. Known as the “Fukuoka Detention Center Kokura Branch,” the building had been in service for over 50 years and was showing signs of aging, prompting a rebuild at the same location. A completion ceremony was held, attended by about 60 stakeholders who celebrated the completion of the new structure. The facility has been upgraded from a four-story to an eight-story building, expanding its capacity from the previous number to accommodate 485 detainees. The number of single-occupancy cells has been increased, each equipped with amenities like a washbasin, toilet, and even a TV. Special adjustments have been made to the small windows on each cell door to prevent inmates from seeing outside. In September, the facility entered into a disaster preparedness agreement with Kitakyushu City, allowing its staff dojo to be used as a refuge and storage space for supplies during emergencies. The director of Fukuoka Detention Center, Hideki Furukawa, commented that they aim to operate the facility efficiently while contributing to building a safe and secure society. Source: NHK

Kitakyushu Unveils New Detention Center

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Published: Oct 4, 2023 / Last Updated: Oct 4, 2023

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