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Kyushu is Well Known, But…

The Development Bank of Japan released results from a recent tourism survey conducted with around 4,000 people in 8 areas of Asia. The areas polled were Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. According to the research, Japan ranks highly as a country that 30~60% people in these areas want to visit – around the same percentage as Korea and Australia. Results showed that recognition of Kyushu as a travel destination is high. The amount of people who recognized Kyushu is 50%~70% in Korea, China, Taiwan, and 10% ~ 30% in Thai, Malaysia, Indonesia. These percentages compare well with Japan’s landmarks – Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Osaka and Hokkaido, which garnered 50%~90% recognition from participants in all 8 areas. However, results show that Kyushu’s appeal as a tourist destination needs some work. Where Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Osaka were ranked 30%~60% as desirable destination, only 5~20% of participants responded that they wanted to visit Kyushu. Source: http://www.dbj.jp/ja/topics/dbj_news/2012/html/0000011626.html

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Published: Dec 7, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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