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Local Businesses Express Optimism as Restrictions on Overseas Tourism Resumes

The Bank of Japan’s Fukuoka Branch held a “financial round-table meeting” attended by BOJ Head Office Council Member Nakamura and local business leaders, where they exchanged opinions on the current situation and outlook of the local economy, including price hikes. After the meeting, Branch Manager Hamada commented at a press conference that Prime Minister Kishida announced yesterday a policy of exempting foreign tourists entering Japan from submitting negative proof of vaccination on the condition that they have been vaccinated. He expressed his hope that the number of foreign tourists would increase and tourism demand for the entire Kyushu region would recover. He added, “The West Kyushu Shinkansen will open next month on the 23rd, and since the tourism infrastructure is being built throughout Kyushu, it would be a positive development for the local economy if foreign tourists could come to the region in line with the opening of the Shinkansen. The opening of the Shinkansen line is expected to boost the local economy. Source: NHK

Local Businesses Express Optimism as Restrictions on Overseas Tourism Resumes

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Published: Aug 26, 2022 / Last Updated: Aug 26, 2022

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