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Miyazaki City Tops The List For Highest Spending On Gyoza Again

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced the results of its 2022 household survey on February 7. According to the survey, the household expenditure per capita on gyoza (dumplings) in Miyazaki city was 4,053 yen, making it the highest in Japan for two consecutive years. Utsunomiya city (3,763 yen) was ranked second and Hamamatsu city (3,434 yen) was ranked third. Miyazaki’s victory solidified the ranking of the “gyoza city” top three. The survey only counted the spending on take-out gyoza, including baked and raw gyoza, and excluded expenses on eating out and frozen food. Miyazaki had been ranked second in the first half of the year, but the Miyazaki Gyoza Association, which is led by a local restaurant organization, turned things around by strengthening events and collaborations with major food manufacturers. Source: PR Times

Miyazaki City Tops The List For Highest Spending On Gyoza AgainPhoto from Photo AC

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Miyazaki City
Published: Feb 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Feb 8, 2023

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