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Munakata City Selected as Venue for 37th National Meeting for the Healthy Ocean

Munakata City has been selected as the venue of the 37th National Meeting for the Healthy Ocean scheduled for FY2017. The Convention has been held in various locations across Japan since 1981, but this marks the first time it will take place in Fukuoka Prefecture. The event is customarily attended by the Emperor and Empress. Aside from being the nation’s largest producer of natural tiger blowfish, Munakata City is widely known for its high-quality fishery products, including Japanese horse mackerel, squid and conger eel. The city also hosts the Munakata Eco-100 International Forum, which reviews maritime environmental safety. The city is poised to see further progress and development going forward especially since “Okinoshima Island and Related Sites in the Munakata Region” were recently nominated by the Japanese government for inscription on the World Heritage List.


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Published: Oct 16, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017