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Nagasaki University Develops Insect-Based Fish Feed System

Nagasaki University announced it will jointly develop a device for cultivating mealworms, an insect that can be used as fish feed, with a startup company. Mealworms can be used as a substitute for fish powder, which is expensive and has the risk of resource depletion. The system will use IT to manage growth confirmation and temperature/humidity control. The startup company, Booon, will work on fundraising and factory establishment. They plan to use leftover food as feed and develop a small container that can be installed on land smaller than 10 square meters. Source: Nagasaki University / Nikkei

Nagasaki University Develops Insect-Based Fish Feed System

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Nagasaki City
Published: Mar 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023

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