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Next Gubernatorial Race Pits Ogawa Against Newcomer Lawyer

The next gubernatorial race in Fukuoka Prefecture is slated for Apr. 12. Nishinippon Shimbun interviewed the two candidates, incumbent Hiroshi Ogawa (age 65) and challenger Tomikazu Goto (age 45).

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Hiroshi Ogawa: Over the past four years, Ogawa has “made many inspection tours and joined many events” in an effort to hear what citizens have to say “at the grassroots level.” After the torrential rains that pounded the Yame region in July 2012, he worked quickly to undertake effort aimed at a speedy recovery. He was also very pleased when Fukuoka won rights to host some of games for the 2019 Rugby world Cup games. “I want to be of service to everyone [in the Prefecture],” stated Ogawa.

Tomikazu Goto: Goto, a lawyer running as in independent, unveiled his slogan: “Creating a happy future for the children.” Says Goto: “Children eventually grow up and have their own children, then they grow old. The future of our children is the key to happiness for every generation.” Goto’s has worked cases aimed at suspending the restarting of the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant and opening the floodgates on the national government-owned Isahaya Bay dike. He decided to run for governor after meeting with many local residents on these cases and learned how distrustful they were of the national government and politicians. He hopes to raise a voice against national government policies as the “representative of Fukuoka’s 5.1 million people” Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 3/30

Published: Apr 10, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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