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Nishitetsu Kurume Station To Be Renovated

Nishitetsu announced on Sep. 21 that the Kurume Station building, which also houses the bus center, will be completely renovated for the first time in 40 years. According to Nishitetsu, the complete renovation will be carried out in conjunction with seismic reinforcement work on the building that houses Kurume Station. The second floor, where the Tenjin-Omuta Line ticket gates are located, and the retail area of the bus center will undergo major changes. A new 194-seat food court that serves as a waiting area will be built in “Aji-no-town” around the ticket gates on the second floor, as well as a commuter pass sales area, ATM, and pickup lockers. The bus center on the first floor will have a glass wall on the east exit plaza side, and the number of stores will increase. The Nishitetsu Store will have a new food and beverage zone, and the facility’s name will change from “Emax Kurume” to “Rairia Kurume. The renovation work, which will cost approximately 1.7 billion yen, will begin this month and last two years, with the food court scheduled to open in June next year. Source: Nishitetsu / KBC

Nishitetsu Kurume Station To Be RenovatedPhoto from PR Times

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Published: Sep 22, 2022 / Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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