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Nokonoshima Hosts Fukuoka’s First Beach Opening

On the island of Nokonoshima, located off the coast of Fukuoka city, the earliest beach opening in the prefecture took place amidst the sounds of cheerful children playing and splashing water. This event occurred at the “Nokonoshima Campground & Beach,” a short 10-minute ferry ride from the port in Fukuoka’s Nishi Ward. Following a ritual performed to pray for safety during the swimming season, around 30 local preschool children donned life jackets and took to the sea. They enjoyed themselves in the shallows, splashing water and filling the beach with their lively voices. Source: Nokonoshima Camp Ground / NHK

More beaches will open soon – check Fukuoka Now’s beach guide for locations and useful details: https://www.fukuoka-now.com/en/fukuoka-beach-guide/

Nokonoshima Hosts Fukuoka's First Beach Opening

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Published: Jun 15, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 15, 2023

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