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NTT West, Itoshima City to Collaborate on New Business for Maebaru

Itoshima City, NTT West, and Itoshimachi Company established a partnership on June 25 in front of JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station. While the Itoshima City has seen an increase in the number of tourists in the past 17 years, the shopping arcade in front of Chikuzen-Maebaru Station lost its liveliness due to competition from modern shopping malls and lifestyle changes. The three organizations agreed on creating a new business, promoting tourism and activating inter-regional activities using ICT (Information and Communication Technology.) The NTT West Maebaru Building near the station will be used as the base of the project from December 2019 and host various events as well as provide tourist-support facilities. Source: Itoshima City, 6/25/2019

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Published: Jun 28, 2019 / Last Updated: Jun 28, 2019