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Omusubi: A Glimpse into Fukuoka’s Charm with Kanna Hashimoto

NHK’s upcoming serial drama “Omusubi,” featuring Kanna Hashimoto, is a heartfelt story set against the picturesque backdrop of Fukuoka and Itoshima. Hashimoto plays Yui Yoneda, a spirited nutritionist navigating life’s challenges through the lens of food and communication. With the narrative deeply rooted in Itoshima, where the protagonist spends her formative years, the drama promises to intertwine the beauty of local culture and the essence of human connections. Filming, which began in Itoshima in late March, aims to capture the essence of the region, with the production scheduled to wrap up in mid-April. “Omusubi” is a celebration of Fukuoka’s heritage, aiming to broadcast its splendor to a nationwide audience this autumn. Source: NHK

Omusubi: A Glimpse into Fukuoka's Charm with Kanna Hashimoto

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Published: Apr 5, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 5, 2024

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