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Outline for Fukuoka City’s 2022 Budget Announced

Fukuoka City announced its 2022 budget plan. Their yearly budget of over ¥100 billion includes upwards of 20% for programs to battle the new coronavirus pandemic, such as provisions of vaccine booster shots and financial support for child-rearing families in need. The city’s mayor explained that the budget plan has a strong focus on supporting children facing hardships. It will be proposed at the city’s assembly from Feb. 16.

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Projects to be Launched or Expanded

COVID-19 related measurements
• Promotion of ICT-based business activities
• Financial support for SMEs
• Reactivation of shopping arcades

Environmental actions
• Introduction of reusable energy at city’s facilities
• Fukuoka Green Innovation Challenge
• Use of biomass plastics for city’s trash collection bags

Industry & transportation
• Support for individuals who enter agricultural and farming business
• Creation of ocean forest
• Improving transportation for daily lives
• Creation of Hayakaken point program for children with disabilities

Education, child-rearing and welfare
• Adoption of a smaller class system (up to 35 pupils)
• Support for club activities
• Online platform for single-parent families
• Digitalization of health check-up records for infants and pre-school children
• Preventing frailty in the elderly with higher risks
• Development of ICT-based support program for hikikomori shut-in people

• Creation of foundation system for data collaboration
• Reinforcement of disaster prevention and risk management systems
• Introduction of the ambulance unit to Minami Firehouse
• Fukuoka E-Sport Fiesta
• Setting up a more livable environment for foreigners

Source: Yomiuri / NHK

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Published: Feb 15, 2022 / Last Updated: Feb 15, 2022

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