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Saga City Introduces Advanced Citizen Check-In Feature in ‘Super App’

Saga City announced the addition of a ‘Citizen Check-In Function’ to its ‘Saga City Super App’, a first-of-its-kind feature among municipal apps in Japan. This function, starting from January 30, simplifies identity verification, streamlining processes like municipal applications and public facility reservations. It’s particularly advantageous during disasters, enabling quick check-ins at evacuation centers by showing the app’s citizen card, thus facilitating efficient accommodation and management of evacuees. Since its launch in June 2023, the Super App has been downloaded by approximately 37,600 residents. Future updates, planned around May, will include features for school attendance communication and updates on school closures due to typhoons or heavy snow. Source: Nikkei / Saga City Super App

Saga City Introduces Advanced Citizen Check-In Feature in 'Super App'

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Saga City
Published: Jan 29, 2024 / Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024

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