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Sake Brewer Develops Sparkling Sake and Gin Products

Yame City-based sake brewer, Kitaya Co., Ltd., debuted two new-generation products; Kitaya Sparkling Crystal and Kitaya Craft Gin. The brewery with two-hundred years of history created these new liquors for younger generations and international markets. The sparkling sake, which undergoes an in-bottle second fermentation, won Gold and Trophy medals at the international IWC awards event. Meanwhile, the gin uses rice-shochu production skills flavored with Yame-produced gyokuro (fine green tea,) ume plums, yuzu citrus, and strawberries, too. *As of Jan. 13, the company announced the cancelation of its annual barrel opening event scheduled for March, 2021 to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. However, ‘shin-shu’ (new sake) and other limited sake will become available online soon. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture / Kitaya

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Published: Jan 13, 2021 / Last Updated: Jan 13, 2021